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What People are saying about BEATS...

"I've been doing weights, running, and bike,
but BEATS just hits different!"
"I love that it's local and not another franchised gym, which makes it more personal."
"BEATS is the most well-rounded workout I've ever tried."
"The BEATS workout has done more for my body in 3 months than 3 years at other studios."
"Thank you for bringing your BEATS method to Columbia. It really works!"
"Thank you for creating such a challenging and different workout than anything else!
I literally think you got every nook and cranny of my body during this workout!"
It's a method that I can do long term. It doesn't get easier, but I do get better at it."
Meredith Trout

Meet Meredith

BEATS is not just a business to me - it is my passion. Not just because of what it does for the body, but how fitness can transform your life. When you feel better, you do better in every aspect of life - as a wife, mom, friend, daughter. When girls walk into my studio it is an absolute honor to me, because I know that each are juggling 10,000 things just to be here. I understand there are many other places they could have chosen to be. I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to coach and lead my clients through this absolutely unique BEATS workout. I can't wait to see you!

BEATS Barre Studio


Located in Columbia, the BEATS Studio has everything you need to jump right into the vibrant workouts offered throughout the week!

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Virtual BEATS workout with Meredith in Columbia SC

Virtual BEATS


The BEATS Virtual Option is the perfect solution to keep you on track, regardless of your location or schedule. Join us in a live feed during regularly scheduled classes that allows you to interact with instructors and complete the same amazing workout from anywhere!

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"The BEATS Community is for women who want to build strong bodies, while building a strong community of supportive women. We are women who build each other up and have fun while building a lean, fit, and beautifully feminine body."
"2nd quote

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